How is this for a sweet deal?

All of the people who got jobbed out of a seat at Super Bowl XLV got the royal treatment. In fact, they may have gotten a better deal than if they had gotten to sit in a tiny, uncomfortable plastic chair somewhere just below the gears that open the roof at Cowboys Stadium.

There have been a few different stories in regards to what each person was offered/given by the NFL. ESPN seems to have the bead on exactly what’s up.

In addition to the fact that these people got set up in a lounge in the stadium with free refreshments and swag, they now will get $2,400! Or they can simply go to the Super Bowl anytime and receive airfare and hotel accommodations.

Not a bad deal. Of course, most of these jokers probably dropped $2,400 on one ticket alone before factoring in any other expense. But why are they complaining? Or suing, for that matter.

Now they can sit on their hands and wait out their favorite team for a return to the Super Bowl, unless they’re Bills fans. For the Steelers and Packers fans, they likely won’t have to wait too long or they can sell the tickets on the secondary market and come away with a profit, hopefully. For the rabid football fan who just wanted to snag a ticket, going next year probably doesn’t make too big of a difference. It is still the Super Bowl, you’re in a covered dome and there is a good chance you will have a decent seat for the game.

While I give no forgiveness to the NFL for this error, I don’t think too much fault can be found in their fire plan.

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