Reflecting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, as I said in a previous post, is a jumbled, orchestrated hodgepodge.

The game was not bad.

There were a few minutes in the third quarter where me, and the entire party I was at, had forgotten there was a game on. The Steelers robbery of momentum ended up sucking any and all firepower out of the game.

Luckily, both teams managed to find some footing in the fourth quarter and it made for a great finish. There is no way a penalty was committed on the final Steelers play. It was nothing more than strong coverage and a poorly thrown ball.

In the end, Big Ben made far too many mistakes for the rest of his team to cover up. I was in the majority of people who thought he was going to march the Steelers down the field to victory in the final 2:00.

However, much to my delight, he did not and the Packers won. Credit goes to Aaron Rodgers for torching the Steelers secondary, he would have had 400 yards passing had his wideouts caught some passes. Clay Matthews Jr. was quiet until that huge forced fumble, he did a good job of spying on Big Ben for most of the game and it paid off, only once did Roethlisberger break the pocket for a big gain. Niagara Falls’ own James Starks continued to show great vision as he saw limited touches, he was the only Packer with a rushing attempt in the game.

The Steelers game was lost on the right arm of Big Ben. Like it or not, he had a rough go. The first interception was forced due to strong pressure, but it was still a horribly thrown ball, he had numerous poor throws throughout the game. In fact, his final series was a microcosm of his entire game. James Harrison wasn’t kept off the stat sheet, however, the Packers offensive gameplan kept the Steelers LB corps from making any sort of impact on the game. Troy Polomalu: see above. Rashad Mendenhall was about to take over the game when he coughed up the ball, guess he showed why the Big Ten is overrated, huh?

Truthfully, I really didn’t care one bit who won the game. I found myself relaxed and just soaking in the game and commercials and party, rather than worrying about the outcome. That made it very nice for me. I didn’t need to think of every feasible outcome for the numbers 9 and 6 to come up, my only responsibility was to eat some food and enjoy a handful of adult beverages, and I did just that.

As for the rest of the spectacle….

Pre-game lasts about 2 1/2 days all so you can watch a washed-up pop star butcher the Star-Spangled Banner. I don’t know the words off the top of my head to our anthem. However, when it is your sole responsibility, you know the GD words. It is embarrassing for Aguliera not to know the words and it is embarrassing for the United States as a whole that she didn’t know the words.

On top of her ghastly performance, the Black Eyed Peas were BRUTAL in the 12+ minutes they used up for halftime. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure they yanked a tranny out of a karaoke bar to sing alongside Slash. Usher was an interesting surprise but his lip syncing was worse than Shania Twain in 2003. I imagine the in-stadium experience for that show was awesome, but watching on TV you saw far too many close-ups and heard really poor singing.

Two in the Box (there is another one, Google it) author Dan Franko threw up a great idea on my Facebook wall after the game. Why continue to parade these terrible acts out for this game rather than finding an act that can fill a stadium – not an arena, a stadium? Then it hit me. Why not have Kenney Chesney as the next performer? He loves football, he puts on a killer live show and there is no chance of him calling out the government or exposing a nipple. I think all of those factors come up aces for the NFL.

Before I get too sidetracked with nipples and how incredibly terrible the Black Eyed Peas were (seriously they were effing brutal), I should finish my diatribe.

  • Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were surprisingly tolerable and if Fox could only get rid of that stupid robot, their game presentation would be tops.
  • Jerry Jones continued to prove he is a douche while the NFL continued to prove they are no fun as 400 fans got screwed out of seats while others had to sit in places like this. On the bright side, those who got their seat taken away were given a refund of three times face value of the ticket ($2,400), the ability to watch in a hospitality zone (indoor club bar seating), free food and drinks and free merchandise. Oh, and they got free tix to Super Bowl 46. Not a bad deal.
  • Finally, the commercials. There were some really good ones (Pepsi Max and Darth Vader). There were also some really bad ones (Adrian Brody singing and animated Coke warriors). The best was put out by the NFL and proclaimed for all to see that the greatest sitcom character of all time, Cosmo Kramer was a Bills fan. Enjoy a few selections:

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