Apparently Rick DiPietro’s chin is just as durable as the rest of his body.

What DiPietro was thinking on that one is beyond me, he is giving up four inches on Johnson. Although, it is good to see two American boys going at it. Ask yourself this; who doesn’t love a goalie fight?

In other NHL news:

– Johan Franzen just about went Sittler on the Senators tonight. He lit up the Sens for five goals as the Red Wings won a barn burner, 7-5. The Wings also benefited from a reaaaaallllllly bad call. C’mon War Room, you can’t say the puck was under the goalie when it is obviously in the net. Add to that, the “intent to blow the whistle” ruling is totally bogus and shouldn’t even exist.

– Also the Sabres got some help from the Habs as they managed to beat the Panthers in regulation. Keep the hope tank filled boys and girls.

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