Sure, it was Cam Newton’s father.


Mr. Newton was almost laughing all the way to the bank

The NCAA has found a new way to ensure a BCS buster doesn’t sneak into the BCS Title Game. This time they have ruled that Auburn super-stud quaterback, Cam Newton, is still eligible after his father broke NCAA rules during Newton’s recruitment.

Yeah, I am sure Cam had no clue that his dad was working to snag a six-figure deal for Newton to sign at Mississippi State. Because everything that I have seen from Newton screams integrity, sportsmanship and the love of the game. That is why he went to Florida, left because he wasn’t going to play, hit up a JUCO school and then picked from a list of suitors  – ahem highest bidders ahem – on his way to resurrecting the Auburn program. Make that resurrecting the Auburn offense.

The NCAA, BCS, SEC, Auburn, TCU et. al. knew that if Newton wasn’t eligible that the Tigers would get trounced in the SEC title game and the Horned Frogs would be riding shotgun to the BCS Title game. Of course, Oregon would run ALL OVER the Frogs, but it would further the opinion that the BCS is a total joke.

I hope that Marcus Lattimore runs wild on Auburn with Newton and that Oregon State finds a way to win the Civil War (not likely). The the BCS would be a total sham, Wisconsin or Stanford (or both) would end up in the title game with or without TCU as their dance partner. That would be such a beautiful mess, I am going to pull damn hard for some upsets over the next week.

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