Vote for Cody

I am stealing someone’s idea. Only because it was a really good one. Back in 2007 current Buffalo Bills quarterback former Buffalo Sabres defenseman, Rory Fitzpatrick drew the admiration of a young Canucks fan. This fan took it upon himself to try and get Ftizpatrick voted into the All-Star Game. He even had a website.

That being said, this morning I was thinking – it was a pretty big step for me. While perusing the NHL Fan Balloting I realized it would be cool to get a guy voted in like Fitzpatrick almost was a few years back. So I am taking it upon myself to get Cody McCormick in the All-Star Game.

Just think about it. The dude is a beast, he works his tail off every shift and is a damn good fighter to boot. See below:

So, do the right thing. Write in Cody McCormick to the 2011 ASG Fan Ballot.

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