Last chance for a win?

Entering this season there were only a few games I had circled as potential victories for the Bills. As the NFL season has unfolded these potential wins have changed too.

Between the Bills “defense” and the evolution of a couple of these teams (Peyton Hills and the Browns), the Bills chances for victories has grown thin.

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to make some clutch plays if he hopes to lead the Bills to a win.

As Detroit comes into Buffalo for Sunday’s tilt, the Lions are without quarterback Matthew Stafford and should have Shaun Hill under center. Although, Hill is recovering from a broken arm and may not be 100% for the game. It doesn’t really matter he has been torching defenses this year. Add to that Jahvid Best, the Lions attack doesn’t really match up well for the Bills defense.

So, looking at this game, I am not very confident. I was last week, but not anymore.

Sure, Ryan Fitzpatrick has played well, some people even think he may be throwing a wrench in the works of the future quarterback situation. In addition, the Bills ‘D’ fared well against the run in Toronto (the Bears o-line isn’t very good). Still, the defense has yet to prove they can stop anyone – or establish a pass rush – and the offense has yet to put a game away.

Face it, the Bills have found a new way to lose each game this season. They tried to hang around against Miami, they got blown out against the Packers and Jets. They tried to run and gun with New England. They went punch-for-punch with Baltimore then tried the come-from-behind approach against Kansas City. Last week they took a late lead before giving up a key turnover to hand Chicago the win.

What will it be this week?

While Fitzpatrick has been great for the Bills, he has not made the key plays in key situations. Crucial interceptions against Chicago and Kansas City cost him two wins, the same might be said against the Patriots.

Until the Bills can establish a serious running attack, they probably won’t win too many games. Fred Jackson is suddenly showing his age and C.J. Spiller is nothing more than a kick returner, that complaint can wait until another day. The trading of Marshawn Lynch looks like a worse decision as each week goes by.

Between their shoddy run offense and the always questionable defense any game will be a battle for the Bills. Probably the biggest hurdle will be the Lions ability to put up points.

Of course, Shawne Merriman should solve some of our problems. Oh yeah – he is already injured.

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