Bills go Lights Out

Buddy Nix made another great roster move today. He placed Cornell Green on IR.


True story, the swinging door at right tackle will not see the field for the remainder of the season. The real news is that the Bills needed to make room for Shawne Merriman.

Nix claimed the outside linebacker off waivers from the Chargers today and immediately upgraded his defense. Regardless of what he has left in the tank, he is better than anyone we have now.

Some of the Buffalo sports media have made this out to be a questionable move. It is also likely that many fans won’t like it. But I ask, what is not to like here? Merriman had a gazillion sacks before he ran into injury trouble. You get this guy healthy and you have a threat on the edge every play. Not to mention, he plays better run defense than Aaron Maybin could ever think of.

All-in-all this is a smart move. It was also smart to release Trentative. The guy was BRUTAL and didn’t deserve to be on the roster. They canned him and they are a better team for doing so. I guarantee the Bills do not have a sniff of overtime the past two weeks with Edwards under center. I also can say, with confidence that we would have beaten the Chiefs with Merriman on the field.

Buddy Nix is methodically making this team better. He is doing it slowly but my making real moves. Now he has the opportunity to address a different position in the draft, if Merriman works out in a positive light. Unlike another Buffalo GM, Nix isn’t afraid to find the guy who will make his team better. I will be sure to touch on what is ailing the Sabres in the near future, I just need to work out some anger before addressing that subject.

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