Recapping the Edwards debacile

So Trent Edwards was benched one week ago after two abysmal performances against Miami and Green Bay.

Then, after Ryan Fitzpatrick posted better than Edwards numbers against New England, Edwards became expendable. So, the Bills cut ties with the “Trent-ative” QB, ending a long-running headache for Bills fans.

Edwards didn’t make it through waivers before Jacksonville claimed him. He will serve as the back-up to David Garrard for the time being. However, since I jinxed Garrard by calling him a possible fantasy sleeper he has been really bad. So, there is a chance that Edwards will see the field very soon. Although I don’t think he will play against the Bills in two weeks.

Regardless of how bad the timing of this has gone, there shouldn’t be any surprise in this move. Edwards was downright awful this season. He wasn’t much better last year either. In fact, he hasn’t been the same since Adrian Wilson hammered him in Arizona two years ago.

I’m not claiming post-concussion syndrome but, he has seemed very gun-shy since that hit. He was never going to be the player the Bills thought he would be when he took over for JP Losman. This was the right decision.

Truthfully, the only flaw in the Bills’ actions was that they allowed Edwards to begin the season as their starter. The fallacy that was the QB “competition” was nothing more than business as usual for the team. While Edwards is probably the BEST practice player ever, he isn’t nearly as good in an actual game. Had Chan Gailey and his staff not stood by Edwards for the entire offseason, this move would not have been as poorly planned.

Now, Brian Brohm and Fitzpatrick are probably not the best solution. But, I feel that they give you a better chance to win and make plays than Edwards would have.

I really hope Edwards isn’t starting in two weeks. It would be the Buffalo way for him to shred the Bills for 300 yards in his first game back.

Sorry for the separation in posts. I’ll try to get back to a regular schedule sooner rather than later.

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