Antti Niemi signs with San Jose

One of Chicago’s Stanley Cup heroes has found a new home. Antti Niemi agreed to a one-year deal with San Jose. Sportsnet has the details.

Antti Niemi will be playing out on the left coast this season after hoisting the Cup with Chicago in 2009-10.

This is an interesting signing considering the Sharks brought in Antero Niittymaki early in free agency. With Thomas Griess waiting in the wings for the past few years, there seemed to be little need for another goaltender on the roster. Albeit, Griess doesn’t seem to have IT – if you ask me.

I am a big Niittymaki fan and he and Niemi will be great in tandem and the Fins will likely have great rapport in the locker room as well.

Look for San Jose to move either Griess or, although unlikely, Niittymaki before the start of the season. They have invested far too much into Griess to waste him in the AHL for yet another season.

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