Kennedy finds a new home

Former Sabre Tim Kennedy agreed to a one-year $550,000 contract with the New York Rangers, thus ending his tumultuous offseason.

Tim Kennedy will remain in New York State this season after signing a contract with the Rangers.

Kennedy is going to make about as much as he would have if he had agreed to the offer the Sabres gave him just over a month ago. Counting his buy-out he will earn $883,333 between this year and the total buyout (over two years). He was offered $800,00 by the Sabres and awarded $1 million by an arbitrator.

I’m curious to know which route he would have chosen if he had the choice. On one hand you lose out on the $200,000 you want but continue to play for your hometown team. On the other your contract is $300,000 less than what your hometown team offered – but your buyout covers the difference. I feel like he would have stayed in Buffalo given those two options.

Regardless, the winger has a home, with two of my favorite Sabres of all time (Chris Drury and Marty Biron). So, we will see how he fares in the Big Apple with John Tortorella and the Rags. I still don’t think he would have seen too much ice with the Sabres this year. I think this will be the proper fit for him, especially compared to his prospects here in Buffalo.

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