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Brett Favre is coming back for a 20th season. The Minnesota Vikings nation can stop holding their breath. Honestly, who wants Tavaris Jackson as their starter? (Put down your hand Dick Jauron)

Brett Favre is coming back for his 20th season. Will he go out on top?

So, Favre is allegedly coming back, at least according to Ryan Longwell.

I can’t say I’m too surprised. Favre had a great season in 2009 and the Vikings are stacked, they have a great shot at a Super Bowl title with him at the helm. They just have to hope that wonky ankle holds up. Even though I have never been a Favre fan, I am glad he is going to give it one last go. This will be his 20th year and the Vikings offense is set up to allow him to succeed. The Jets two years ago were strong, but their offense was too predicated on Favre carrying them.

2010 promises to be very interesting in both the AFC and NFC. The Vikes and Saints are the clear frontrunners in the NFC while the Jets are expected to do big things in the AFC.

Personally, I think the Jets are set up to fail. I hope to God they do, Rex Ryan is a pompous ass and I really hope someone freight-trains him on the sideline this year. Hopefully the injury prevents him from coaching further.

Before I get sidetracked by my hate for the Jets head coach I must close the Favre discussion.

Number Four has the opportunity to go out on top. At the very least his final pass won’t be an interception. It is my feeling that he just didn’t want to go through training camp. He comes off like a jerk acting like he is above the summer ritual, but if it keeps him healthy that is all that matters.

I have a feeling the Vikings will do big things this year. But I still feel like they won’t win the ultimate prize, even with Favre at the helm.

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