The NFL is back

It is officially football season. Of course, the Hall of Fame game is the most boring thing EVER.

Carson Palmer targeted his newest weapon, Terrell Owens numerous times during his short time on the field. T.O. had a pair of catches for 18 yards, his third reception was called back on a Chad Ochocino penalty. The Cowboys ground out the Bengals for a 16-7 win.

Terrell Owens had two catches for 18 yards in his debut with the Bengals.

This was preseason football at its best (by best I mean worst). Both teams starters saw very limited action before giving way to the backups. Jon Kitna was abysmal during his time on the field, I think he might end up off the roster if he continues to play the way he did tonight.

I am not in favor of extending the NFL schedule, 16 games is more than enough. However, I think it would be wise to trim the preseason by a game. I have no use for these games. Watching backups stumble through plays and make poor mistakes is boring.

Cut out a couple preseason contests and it will make the offseason slightly more bearable.

One thought on “The NFL is back

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