World Cup Final set

Spain advanced to the World Cup final on a late header from Carles Puyol this afternoon. They will meet the Netherlands on Sunday in Johannesburg for the 2010 World Cup.

These guys are Dutch, so am I (sort of). They will face Spain in the World Cup Final on Sunday.

While almost my entire family is Irish, my last name is Dutch. Therefore, I get to root for my “ancestors” come Sunday evening.

The Dutch played a very tentative style against the underdog Uruguayans, Tuesday. However, they found the net twice (both while I was showering) and ultimately overpowered Uruguay – despite the best efforts by the boys in blue.

I remember in 2002 when the Dutch trotted out their creamsicle-orange kits and won everyone over because they had the coolest uniforms. The Spanish are hoping to capture their first WC title in their first-ever final.

Personally, I feel that the Dutch will simply outscore Spain on Sunday. I know I will be pulling hard for the win for my brothers from the shores of the North Sea.

I will say, the Spanish are an absolute powerhouse and will be nothing short of a handful. Spain, shut out by the Swiss in their first match, scored a pair of goals in each of their final two qualifying matches. Since, they have scored once on their way to the final. For me, they might not have enough offense to beat the Dutch.

To play devil’s advocate, the Dutch allowed a pair of goals against Uruguay and at least one goal in four straight. That holey defense could keep Spain more than alive.

I don’t think my prediction will hold much water, considering my knowledge of the game. But, I am going to say the Netherlands tops Spain 2-1 come Sunday. Sick unis always win out, especially when those unis are attached to a highly skilled team.

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