My guess at the Sabres new alternate jersey

I am a big fan of the website, Icethetics. It is run very well and always has new information about what uniforms are being worn throughout hockey, not just the NHL. Chris, the guy who runs the site, has had some info about a new Sabres uniform for next season.

Larry Quinn stated on a local radio show last year that there would be two new uniforms this season, including a new third jersey to celebrate the team’s 40th season. Chris over at Icethetics put together a concept based on what he has been told the new uniform will look like, here is the link to his story.

I think he is pretty close to accurate based on his description. But, being a hockey nerd and knowing that the city of Buffalo is fanatic about its history (why else wouldn’t Bass Pro be built), I think the sweater will hearken back to an earlier era of Buffalo pucks. Going off what Chris has on his site, I think the Buffalo script will be similar to the script that adorned the old Bisons jerseys in the 1960s. Plus, I don’t know if putting an extra logo on the front makes any sense, I like having the number underneath the script, it leaves room on the right breast for a 40th anniversary patch. Here is my try at the possible third jersey:

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