Beast Mode is back

WGR 550 (amongst others) that Marshawn Lynch was back participating at One Bills Drive today. The biggest soap opera the Bills have had to deal with is now over with, unless Lynch is traded. The sad part is, it shouldn’t have been an issue considering the Bills’ RB depth.

Marshawn Lynch was back on the practice field with the Bills today.

After drafting C.J. Spiller, plus the year that Fred Jackson had in 2009, the Bills didn’t seem to need their 2008 first-round pick. So, Lynch stayed away, missed a handful of optional practices until today. He is back to work, but does it really matter? Right now, he is the third best running back on the team. Realistically, he is the only every down back the Bills posses. He was drafted because he is a monster carrying the ball and he can catch out of the backfield. Yet, he was rarely used as a receiving target by the greatest check-down passer the NFL has ever seen.

Either way, I feel that if Lynch can be put in the right situation he can succeed. Fred Jackson has a lot of value right now, why not capitalize on that and trade him? If you can get a fourth round pick for Lynch I bet you could get a third for Jackson, at least. I make this point because a tandem of Lynch and Spiller would be a true thunder and lightning combo for the Bills.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter who is running the ball with a patchwork offensive line.

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