Bills lose Wang, but for how long?

The Buffalo Bills created a ton of buzz last season when they signed Terrell Owens. The signing put Buffalo in the sports and celebrity reality show spotlight – and it sold a bunch of tickets too.

While a fifth-round draft pick won’t sell too many Jim Kelly Club seats, Ed Wang has a boatload of international appeal. Now, perhaps, the Bills have lost their new media darling to, what has originally been categorized as a high-ankle sprain.

The Bills probably weren’t counting on selling too many tickets to folks over in Hong Kong, but the merchandise sales in the world’s largest country could be astronomical, especially if Wang were to see significant time. Of course, this injury changes everything. Bills head coach, Chan Gailey feared that they may have lost Wang for the season.

While the bottom line is perhaps the most important factor for a Bills team that isn’t expected to make much noise in the AFC East this season, losing Wang depletes an already thin offensive line. Incumbent starter, Demetrius Bell, was a disaster on the left side last year. However, there isn’t too much else to choose from as the Bills signed a right tackle (Cornell Green) in free agency and didn’t address o-line in the draft until the fifth round with the selection of Wang.

The early outlook is bleak for a speedy return for the former Virginia Tech bookend, but if he can make it back for training camp I feel there is a better than good chance he is the starter come opening day.

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