Sure, it was Cam Newton’s father.


Mr. Newton was almost laughing all the way to the bank

The NCAA has found a new way to ensure a BCS buster doesn’t sneak into the BCS Title Game. This time they have ruled that Auburn super-stud quaterback, Cam Newton, is still eligible after his father broke NCAA rules during Newton’s recruitment. Continue reading

Bush returns 2005 Heisman

Without saying so, Reggie Bush confirmed that he received improper benefits during his time at USC. He returned his copy of the 2005 Heisman Trophy this week in hopes to alleviate the scrutiny he is getting due to his wrongdoings.

I say good for you Reggie. It isn’t as if the NCAA didn’t drop the hammer on the USC football program already, although I don’t think Bush could have prevented that. In addition, Bush still hasn’t admitted that he, and his family, received improper benefits that were in violation of NCAA rules.

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Nike Pro Combat – just awful

Last year the Nike Pro Combat uniform series was unveiled. In addition to having numerous aerodynamic and performance enhancing qualities, they were the ugliest things in the world.

This website has up close views of each facet of the 2009 series. Each uniform has some interesting features, not necessarily attractive, but interesting. There are some really cool, attractive features too.

The Miami unis, TCU helmets and pants and the entire OSU set up were terrible. But the Florida State pants and Florida helmets were pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Nike liked what they did with the series last year and the brutal uniforms are back for 2010. Check out the site, it is cool. They have a capsule on each team’s look and a close-up view of the uniforms. A nice job by Nike with the site and descriptions.

The 2010 Nike Pro Combat line-up (right-click for a closeup).

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Annnnd we’re off

The college football season is in full swing. Finally.

I love college football. I can watch college football for hours. Pro football, not so much.

The first weekend was as expected. Most teams scheduled cream puffs and walloped them. There were a couple of surprises (I’m talking to you Ole Miss) and a few real tests between equal opponents.

Boise State triumphed over Virginia Tech on Monday. The Broncos are likely going to remain in the National Title picture for a while.

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Reviewing the first NCAA football poll

The first NCAA football ranking is out for the upcoming season. As expected, Alabama is considered the best team in the nation as we begin the 2010 season. The Tide will simply have to win out in order to secure a berth in the National Title game.

Most of the usual suspects appear in the top ten but there are two new faces in there as well. Boise State is ranked number five and TCU is ranked  seventh to start the year. This puts both teams in a very tough spot entering 2010.

Boise State has a lot of hype to live up to going into the 2010 season.

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Musical college football teams

A developing situation that continues to become more tangled, the college football landscape may drastically change in the coming weeks.

Amidst rumors that Missouri and Nebraska will defect from the Big-12 and move to the Big Ten, technically making it the Big 13, it seems that one of college football’s strongest conferences may fall apart. If the dominos fall as reported six additional Big 12 teams will be offered membership in the PAC-10, making that the PAC-16 (isn’t this fun?). According to the ESPN article (linked), Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech will have the opportunity to join the PAC-10. All of this will break up the second most powerful conference in college football. The Big-12 has been the only conference to challenge the SEC for dominance in Division 1-A (Football Bowl Subdivision) in recent years. Now, this powerhouse may dissolve. Continue reading