ESPN has sunk to a new level

In the past four or five years, ESPN has become a, flat-out, frontrunner. They seemingly gave up on covering every sport and only covered the ones they care about. I understand that it is good business, but don’t say you’re the world wide leader in sports when you’re really the world wide leader in football, basketball and NASCAR.

The only reason NASCAR is worth watching.

That is where my beef truly begins. NASCAR is not a sport, it never was a sport and will never be a sport. It is drab, uniform and just plain hickish. The only good thing to come out of NASCAR is Talledega Nights and crashes. I understand that the drivers are very skilled – I know I probably wouldn’t do too well driving 160 in traffic – but, they aren’t athletes. The cars do just as much work as they do. Not only has Johnson not done anything athletic, he has won the last four Sprint Cups because of strategy, not winning a whole bunch of races. Every sport forces it’s champion to win it all, not win sometimes and finish high enough the rest of the time. NASCAR is a complete and utter joke.

So, when ESPN lists Jimmie Johnson as a nominee for Male Athlete of the Year, I know they no longer have an unbiased view of sports. Their nominees for the top ESPY are: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Albert Pujols, Drew Brees and Johsnon.

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Bethpage Black — review

Bethpage Black is the hardest golf course I have ever played. I can say that will full conviction, you need to play a perfect game to make a respectable score on this track. I went in with a goal of breaking 90, I shot 92 and would have reached my goal had I not gone four over through the first three holes on the back nine.

The famous sign at Bethpage is no gimmick. The course is beyond hard.

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Bethpage Black — the trip

This summer my friends and I set out to plan a serious golf trip. We decided that a drive to Long Island to try our hand(s) at Bethpage Black was easily the most feasible option.

The boys and I at the famous Bethpage sign on the first tee.

This marked my second time, technically third, playing on a course the held the US Open. My buddies and I have all played Grover Cleveland up here in Buffalo which, in 1912, hosted the US Open under the Country Club of Buffalo moniker. Of course, Grover isn’t even close to being of the quality that Torrey Pines or Bethpage Black. But it is cool to see the history posted in the snack shop.

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Pebble Beach 2010: The Open nobody won.

It was glamorous, it wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t fun to watch. But, Graeme McDowell hung on to win the 2010 U.S. Open.

The fact of the matter is, McDowell didn’t lose the Open. Because, everyone else who was in position to win did just that. Tiger, Phil, Ernie, Gregory Havret and 54-hole leader Dustin Johnson all managed to play poorly enough to keep McDowell’s name on top of the leaderboard.

Let’s start with Johnson, who will go down next to Greg Norman and Jean Van de Velde for the worst chokejob at a major. His 82 featured a three-hole stretch that saw him make 7-6-5. Then he was on his way to a birdieless round that let him slip to a T-8 at +5 for the championship.

If only this was hanging in the locker room this morning…

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