The Morning Skate: New Years weekend

This weekend’s set of back-to-back games will either set the table for a second half run, or dig the Sabres an even deeper grave.

Buffalo’s success against Washington certainly bodes well for this evening’s game. However, the Sabres were out scored 2-0 in the most recent 40 minutes of the season series. Buffalo out scored the Caps 9-1 in the first four periods.

Considering the first game was the Capitals’ best effort to get their coach fired and the second game was torpedoed by Michal Neuvirth’s poor play. Considering those two factors, this game could be worlds different than the first two meetings.

Tomorrow’s home contest with Ottawa is close to a must win, regardless of tonight’s result. Buffalo’s home play has started to come around. A win tomorrow will certainly do wonders for exorcising the FNC demons.

The Senators are starting to regain some footing in a rivalry they dominated since the lockout. They have had their way with the Sabres in the last two games. It could go without saying that Buffalo needs to establish their game early and attempt to grab some momentum.

Highlighted Matchup

Buffalo goaltending. The Sabres goaltending has struggled to keep their goals against below three as of late. Regardless of the fact that the Sabres have been unable to score goals in most games, the goaltending needs to show up and play big. Expect to see Miller tonight in Washington and Enroth against Ottawa tomorrow.

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