I guess we know what James Wisniewski does on the weekend

I understand that nobody goes to Islanders games. I get that. I think it is also safe to assume that not too many people watch the games either. But still, YouTube is a very real tool and James Wisniewksi just found out how useful it is.

Here is some visual evidence of James likely talking to Sean Avery about something very civilized.

Yeah, he went there. Sure, Sean Avery is a jerk who wears funny glasses. Not to mention Avery is the owner of the “sloppy seconds” quote that got him booted out of Dallas faster than T.O.

But Wisniewski took it to a whole new level. Most hockey players stick to the basics, they verbally assault you using homophobic or mom jokes. I guess words weren’t enough for a guy wearing a letter. I guess the Isles locker room is a little short on leadership, eh?

I’m sure Colin Campbell will sit Wisniewski for a game so he can “learn his lesson”. I suppose he will learn too, not to play gestures after a whistle.

My only beef is what exactly was he trying to get across to Avery? Where in his train of though did he think “Hmm, just saying ‘blow me’ won’t get the job done. I need to spell it out for the guy.”

Either way the dude is going to miss a game. No biggie, it is an 82-game schedule and I don’t think the Isles will threaten for a playoff spot anyway.

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