716 Sports Podcast guest appearance

I was asked to come step in as a guest on the 716 Sports Podcast yesterday and had a great time talking about the Bills, Sabres, Pegula and Buffalo with the group. The guys get together on a weekly basis and produce a very strong product, I highly recommend checking them out regularly. Enjoy my Ed Jovanovski reference about halfway through.

Click here to listen direct.

Listen as I join the Break the Ice podcast to talk Sabres

I was able to jump on and join Demick of Break the Ice on one of his podcast that covered a whole range of topics that include the glory that is Wegmans, the upcoming Olympic hockey tournament and where the Buffalo Sabres will be headed in their rebuild.

While I had to cut things a bit short, I’m sure I’ll be speaking with him again soon and will likely have him join Eric and I on an upcoming Instigator Podcast once we get back to recording.

Here’s the link to listen to the podcast on Demick’s site and you can download the podcast by following this link.

Give Demick a follow on Twitter at @breaktheicepod


Instigator Podcast #28 – Changing of the Seasons

Eric and I are back once again with the Instigator Podcast. We wrap up the Sabres Blogger Summit that was held last night, chat about the roster for the upcoming season and play plus/minus with the candidates to wear the Sabres’ “C”.


Instigator Podcast: Summer Developments

Once again, Eric and I got together to chat about the state of the Sabres. This time around we cover development camp, which players at camp stood out the most while also discussing the new third jersey and wrapping things up with plus/minus.



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Instigator Podcast #25: Petulance Defined

Eric and I got together for another Podcast last night in the wake of yesterday’s press conference. We touched on a few points outside of what went on at the press conference. Specifically what Darcy Regier may be doing this summer, the future of Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek and we also made sure to support our self-serving narrative which we pre-prepared.

I’m stuck at work so I’ll link to Eric’s site as he has the podcast widget on his post.

The Instigator Podcast – Receptive Audience

Eric and I got together for another Instigator Podcast. We discussed the growing dissention with fans at FNC and their generally poor attitude towards the team they’re cheering for. We also play plus minus and discuss many of the issues surrounding the team at this time.

Instigator Podcast #23 featuring WGR’s Pat Malacaro

Eric and I were joined by Pat Malacaro of WGR for this edition of The Instigator Podcast where we discussed Mikhail Grigorenko, Tyler Myers and many other Sabres-related items. As always we mixed in plus/minus.

Thanks again to Pat for joining us and be sure to check out Eric and I on Twitter if you haven’t already.